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Pre-Birth & Post-Natal Support Work

Our pre-birth and post-natal services are designed to support expectant families and those with babies up to around 1 year.  

If you're interested in services available to families with older children, please click here to see what we offer for children aged 1-5, while all our activities for children aged 5+ can be found here




Pre-birth & Post-Natal Services

3D Drumchapel has amended the delivery programme, separating our activities into Universal and Targeted services. As a not-for-profit charity organisation, there continues to be no cost attached to any of our services, which remain free at the point of use for all service users.

3D Drumchapel operates within geographical boundaries and our services are available to families who reside in theDrumchapel, Knightswood or Yoker area. Services are for families from pre-birth to early secondary school.



  • Family Lunch (pre-birth – 1 year)

Family Lunch is a weekly event for new and expectant parents, providing an opportunity for those who have a baby under 1 to come to eat a yummy, healthy lunch together and get to know some other people also having babies. Families are encouraged to bring all their children or a family member, and it’s a great environment to get to know other new or expectant families in their community and learn about healthy eating, and also allows staff to support parents as the wean their babies and introduce solids.

The Family Lunch runs every Friday (excluding public holidays) from 12.30pm-2.30pm, at 3D Drumchapel.

  • Tea & Tots (0 – 1 year)

Tea & Tots is a postnatal support group offering new parents and carers the opportunity to come along and meet with other new families, improve their confidence as a parent, chat about opportunities and support available for them and their baby, as well as to access useful information and resources.  The group helps to build community support by fostering social networks and giving access to all the latest relevant information for new parents and their babies.

Tea & Tots is designed to complement the concurrent Well Baby Clinic & Breast Feeding Support Group, and runs every Wednesday from 1.30pm-2.30pm, at 3D Drumchapel.

  • Well Baby Clinic & Breast Feeding Support Group (0 – 1 year)

Drop in session delivered by NHS staff providing advice and support to new parents and carers.  It provides a general health check up on the baby’s mental and physical well being, an opportunity to weigh the baby, help with feeding or behavioural concerns, and general information.

The clinic operates on Wednesday from 1pm-2.30pm, at 3D Drumchapel.

  • Bumps & Babies Fayres (pre-birth – 1 year)

The Bumps & Babies Fayres are an idea which came out of discussion at our Pre-Birth Steering Group (professionals from Midwifery, Health Visiting, Health Improvement and Social Work which guides the Pre-Birth work at 3D).  We felt that families locally would benefit for an opportunity to come along before their baby is born to  a one-stop-shop and find out health messages, safety information and what services are available to support them as early as possible. The Bumps & Babies Fayres complement and run on a similar format to the Weaning Fayres which the NHS provide for parents of children 6 months+.

The Fayres give an opportunity for organisations to come along and present to expectant parents and new parents, and encourages families to come along and find out more about health improvement.  The advice includes smoking cessation, healthy eating advice and breast feeding support, and information about retailers, therapeutic services and Third Sector organisations, including finding our all about the services offered by 3D.

Whether expectant parents or new parents are looking for advice, information, free samples or  tasters, we encourage them to come and have a look, say 'hello' and have a cuppa. 

These take place annually, with date TBC

  • Baby & Child First Aid (Pre-birth – 1 year)

Our quarterly Baby and Child First Aid Courses are run in partnership with NCT and the British Red Cross. These are designed to empower parents and expectant parents by building confidence in dealing with emergency situations and gaining practical skills. 

The sessions are relaxed with the opportunity for parents to practice techniques and ask questions.

Topics covered include:

  • Unconscious baby or child (breathing and not breathing)
  • Choking
  • Bleeding
  • Burns
  • Meningitis
  • Raised temperatures.

Suitable for expectant parents, parents and carers of young children.  Parents are welcome to attend with babies in arms up to the age of 6 months.        

The first aids courses are held quarterly on a Wednesday from 10am-12.30pm, at 3D Drumchapel.                                                                                                      

  • SPACE (0 – 8 years)

SPACE is a peer support group for parents or carers of children aged 0-8 with additional support needs. We meet once a month for a 2 hour session, which gives people the opportunity to:

  • Meet other parents and carers
  • Explore ideas and opportunities around support
  • Find out practical information, resources and information on who to ask
  • Develop skills and build confidence
  • Hear from guest speakers and organisations on a range of topics

SPACE often results in new opportunities opening up for people who attend and helps to build social networks by strengthening relationships between families experiencing similar circumstances.  A crèche is also provided for the duration of the session.

SPACE meets on the second Wednesday of the month from 10am-11.45am, at 3D Drumchapel.



  • Mellow Bumps (pre-birth)

Mellow Bumps is a six week programme based within a group setting to help mothers relax and de-stress.  Anxiety and depression in pregnancy are very strong indicators of postnatal mental health problems, which have a damaging effect on the child. A mother's general and mental health during pregnancy is one of the prime indicators of well-being for her baby.  Getting together with other mums-to-be and sharing ideas can be really supportive and is an opportunity for a mum-to-be to begin to address issues in her life as well as preparing for her baby.

The programme includes video material to introduce mums-to-be to baby brain development and the social capacities of babies from birth. The mums-to-be are also helped to identify their own needs and how to access support both in pregnancy and after the birth of their baby.

Mellow Bumps runs Friday from 10am-12noon, at 3D Drumchapel.

  • Mellow Dads-to-be (pre-birth)

Mellow Dads-to-be uses the same principles as Mellow Bumps, promoting relaxation, stress relief and discussion with and between the dads-to-about their role and relationship with their unborn baby. Dads are also helped to identify their own needs and advised on how to access support both in pregnancy and after birth.

  • Eat Better, Feel Better Cookery (pre-birth to 1 year)

Eat Better, Feel Better Cookery is a six week programme of two hour healthy cookery sessions, designed to support expectant and new parents to produce healthy meals and recipes that can be re-created in the home. Parents with children under one are encouraged to sign up for a block of cookery learning and practice to discover that eating healthier doesn’t need to be expensive. Eat Better Feel Better can help parents learn to feed their family tasty, nutritious meals on a budget, in a relaxed environment.

Eat Better, Feel Better Cookery runs Friday from 10am-12noon, at 3D Drumchapel. Places are limited and need to be booked in advance.

  • Baby Massage(6 weeks – 1 year)

Each session runs for around 90 minutes, with the opportunity for parents to enjoy tea, coffee and relaxed conversation after the class.  A crèche is available during the Tuesday session.  There are lots of benefits to baby massage including:

  • Developing baby-parent/carer bonds and communication
  • Enhancing parent/carers’ understanding of babies’ development
  • Boosting self-esteem and building parenting confidence
  • Encourages deeper sleep and helps baby settle better
  • Helps with relieving wind, colic, constipation, and reduces crying

We also have a dads development worker who is able to do home visits for dads and male carers interested in strengthening their bond with their babies. Both our instructors are fully trained and qualified by the International Association of Infant Massage.

There are currently two baby massage classes running weekly: Tuesday from 1pm-2.30pm, and Thursday from 10.30am-12noon, both at 3D Drumchapel.

  • Baby Steps (6 months – 1 year)

Baby Steps is a 6 week programme based on the Five to Thrive methodology, designed to encourage positive interaction, bonding and attachment between babies and their parent/carer within a fun environment. Central to the five to thrive approach is the set of five key activities: · Respond · Cuddle · Relax · Play · Talk.  3D are running the programme to help support families with babies aged 6 months to 1 year who would benefit from increasing their social networks. The session also provides practical opportunities to play and interact with their little one to promote positive bonding and attachment between parent & child. The programme will inform and empower parents/carers by sharing the huge impact positive interactions have on their child's development.

Baby Steps runs in a 6 week block once per term.

  • Home Visits (all families)

Home Visits are offered to families requiring additional emotional support as required. Home visits are an opportunity for families to receive further one-to-one support, a listening ear and the opportunity to be referred or signposted for additional support if appropriate to the individual or families needs.







Making a difference in the lives of children and families in Drumchapel by providing support, strengthening relationships and empowering families to make positive change.