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Fundraising Opportunities

There are numerous ways to raise money, list that follows is not exhaustive but is designed to stimulate your imagination.

  • Non Uniform Day - Give a donation to attend school / college in your own clothes.
  • Job Swaps - We all feel at times we can do better than the boss. Auction the MD's /  Head of Department's / Cleaner's job for an afternoon.
  • Fancy Dress - Pay to come to work in fancy dress. (H&S permitting)
  • Guess the Baby competition - photos of the staff / colleagues as babies.
  • Fashion Show
  • Concert / Play / Musical Evening
  • Trivia Quiz - Pop / Sport / General Knowledge / etc.
  • Car Boot Sale
  • Sponsored Silence
  • Sponsored Haircut
  • Five / seven a side football / rugby / hockey / etc.
  • Sponsored Walk

The list is endless and we have not yet mentioned the "Thon" family, MaraTHON, WalkaTHON, SlimaTHON.

If you wish to contribute to 3D, please call or drop in to discuss.

Making a difference in the lives of children and families in Drumchapel by providing support, strengthening relationships and empowering families to make positive change.